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26 Apr 2017
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After 3+ months out of the workshop, I've realised I'm in no hurry to get back to turning. I had a plan in mind when I started and seem to have exhausted it, so probably time to move on to something else. To keep the lathe working effectively costs money, in that I can't use it properly at home so rent space in a shared workshop.
Sooo, do you mind casting an eye over these used prices for me? I don't want to sell separately, far too much work, but if I can get the individual values about right I can come up with a fair price for a package.
The lathe is a beauty I think, the last thing I turned was a 23" bowl which it handled easily.

Roberty Sorby RS II lathe with large bowl attachment and original electronic speed control - £600
Axminster Evolution SK114 chuck and jaws (boxed) - £120
Record Power SC3 Geared Scroll Chuck Package (boxed) - £70
3 further chucks
Record Power HVLP extractor with fine filter - £100
RS Pro Edge plus some extra bits - £220
Trend Airshield Pro - £150
½” bowl gouge (Axminster Premium) - £25
3/8” bowl gouge (Axminster Premium) n- £25
6-piece RS gouge set (little used, some unused, boxed) - £90
2x face rings for 114 chuck

I don't expect anyone to have thoughts on all of the prices, but if any individual thing looks wrong, let me know your thoughts? Ta.