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Vacuum press


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21 Mar 2017
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About 10 years ago I acquired an old battered vacuum pump out of a skip and it sat in the workshop waiting for the right project.
The right project has arrived so it was given a thorough clean and new oil.

I then spoke to the guys at easy composites, the technical advice seemed really good and bought some bsp fittings, a bag connector with quick release and some hose. I tapped a bsp 1/4 inch thread into the vacuum trap and connected everything up using ptfe tape.
For the gags I used the semi disposable bagging material from easy composites. Works out about £2.50 for a bag 2000mm X 750mm and sealed with a butyl mastic tape.
First trial run showed the vacuum wasnt pulling right to the edged so I put an old towel on top of some polythene to allow the air to be pulled out and he polythene tops the towel getting glued.
The press had no problems pressing 2 wardrobe side panels 1900mm X 550mm.
The mastic is really stick but can with care be un peeled. Once I have finished I have cut the bag down very slightly to get rid of all the mastic goo so I expect to get at least 10 presses of different sizes out of £2.50 worth of bagging film
Total cost about £65 for fitting and £25 for bagging.
The only problem is the pump fumes very slightly so I will need a breather tube to vent out of teh shop or just pace the pump outside. Dint mater yesterday as just set up outside in the garden