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Universal Router sub-base (Blank / Preform) group buy.


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18 Feb 2011
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I want to buy a disc of aluminium to make a router sub-base but the minimum order is too much for me so I am looking for others to spread the cost.


I have recently bought the UJK router lift and am much in love with it however …...

My trend T9Es upsettingly do not match the sub-base holes. There are some that line up but the cutter is not central so I can't currently use guide bushes.

To this end (as I don't want to put more holes in the sub-base so I can use it for other routers in the future) I want to get a mount that I can customise for my router – I have 2 quotes but the minimum order value (£100 for the best option) makes them expensive for me (ca £50 each for a pair), therefore would anyone else like a customisable router sub-base so the price becomes reasonable?

I can basically get 25 for the same total price as I can get 2!


I know it's not in colour but that was for the lazer cutters.

I have a quote for 10 @ £6.40ea (in 5mm) or 25 @ £4.20ea (in 6mm) – different places
Both of these are + VAT and shipping.

Shipping to me £12 so £0.50 each if we go for 25 (close enough)
Shipping to you £2.26 - £4.05 worst case depending on final mass (My Hermes)
Packing £1.50 (jiffy bag, polybag and a bit of scrap board for protection)

Worst case (10off 5mm) - Best Case (25off 6mm)

Ali Disc £7.68inc - Ali Disc £5.04inc
Shipping £0.50 - Shipping £0.50
Packing £1.50 - Packing £1.50
Postage £4.05 - Postage £2.26

Total £13.73 - Total £9.30
so the final price will be between £9.30 and £13.73 depending on final outcomes

What you would get

1off flat aluminium washer with square (unfinished) edges at 176mm OD and a 12.7mm central hole (subject to tolerances)

What you would need to do
1. Put a cutter through the plate (and shim if necessary)
2. Mount in your router
3. Mark your bolt holes (remove plate) and drill / countersink as needed
4. enlarge centre hole (now that centering is sorted with the bolt holes)
and if you want to mount in the UJK router elevator`;

5) Grind / Rebate / Mill out the 4 little bits that you need to clamp the base into the elevator in the correct places (taking account of this one being a touch thinner than the UJK one)

If you could leave a message of if you would want one and if you are prepared to accept either or only the 6mm one then I will tot up and put up a message to everyone before I go ahead.

I hope this makes sense, please ask if you need anything clarifying.


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26 Dec 2017
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United Kingdom
If a group buy doesn't work out, buy a piece of square plate, put a 1/4" cutter or drill bit into the middle just a mm or so to clearly define the centre.
Use a fence rod / trammel with a pin bang in the middle of that mark and use your router to cut the plate into a circle. Alternately (best ?) make a circle cutting template to screw your router to so you can put a bolt through as a really secure pivot, or (second best) make a suitable sized disc out of MDF as a template, bolt it (countersunk) to the alloy through the middle and double sided tape everything down to a waste board clamped to the bench. Rout around using a guide bush or even bearing guided cutter to follow the outside of the template. You could focus on just 1/4 or 1/3 of the circle taking several passes then reclamp and do the next arc. This will giive more control and less reclamping.
If you cut in 0.5 to 1,0mm depth passes, a TCT bit will cut alloy plate perfectly happily. Set the speed down low, say 2 of 5, and control the cut. Remember to go the safe way around.
When you have done that, rout your edge rebate all the way round the same way and lastly drill out the middle, centre up the router and do your fixing holes.
That won't cost you much more than a slightly oversize square of alloy.
I routed several square inches 9mm deep out of a piece of plate last week using a B&Q throwaway quality TCT cutter and an 800W 1/4" router. Tedious but perfectly feasible.