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UK_Workshop'rs Top 40 Planes


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10 Sep 2003
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Right, heres the top 40 UKWorkshop'rs planes* - taken from a roundup in this posting

(*To encourage usefulness and simplify collation and this post I've deleted all obscure planes, woodies, combined several similar types into single listings and simply ignored any at will :shock: . It's simply too time consuming otherwise. If I missed your prize plane off the list - sorry. PM me, with a link to a photo and I'll add it on. Also it's not quite 40 either!)

I've tried to use a mix of pictures from different manufacturers to minimise cases of "Plane inferiority complex"! :)

Well, in #1 Place is a Low Angle Block plane with 24 users (Lie Nielsen #60.5 Pictured )

In #2 Place with 21 users is a Standard Angle Block Plane (Veritas Shown)

In 3rd place is a No 4 Smoother with 21 users (Footprint shown)

In 4th place a Shoulder plane with 19 users (some #3110 in here too). A surprisingly higher place than I'd expected (Lie Nielsen shown)

In 5th Place a 4.5 Smoother with 18 users (Stanley Shown)

In 6th place (and my personal favourite) is a No 7 Jointer (Lie Nielsen Shown) with 17 users

In 7th place, is the "combination" "multiplane" plane with 13 users (Clifton Shown)

In 8th place with 11 users is a Bullnose. (Veritas shown)

In 9th place is a 60.5 Low Angle Jack with 10 users. (A very "special" Veritas :wink:)

Just check out the thickness of the blade - see Rob Lee's explanation here:

http://www.leevalley.com/wood/page.asp? ... page=49588

In joint 9th place is a 5 1/2 jack with 10 users. (Clifton Shown)

In 11th place with 8 users is a No 6 Fore Plane (Stanley Shown)

In 12th place, with 7 users is a #80 Cabinet Scraper. I have to recommend Veritas for this - I can't fault my version at all. (Veritas shown)

In 13th Place is a No. 3 with 7 users (Clifton shown)

in 14th place with 6 users is a rebate plane (Record shown)

In 15th Place a Scraping Plane (#112, #85, #212 etc) (Veritas Shown)

In 16th place with 6 users is a #140 Rabbet and Block plane (Lie Nielsen Shown)

In 17th place is the humble card scraper. (5 users). (Clifton Shown)

In 18th Place is the Router plane (5 users) (#71/#271) (Stanley Shown)

In 19th Place for the strongest (or mad) is the super heavy No 8 Jointer. (4 users). (Lie Nielsen Shown)

In 20th Place is a Side Rabbet Plane (#98/#99#79(Lie Nielsen Shown)

In 21st Place is a plough plane with 4 users. (Stanley)

In 22nd Place a Carriage Makers Rebate Plane (#10 1/4). Just to keep ALF happy, here's a picture of an old one :roll:

In 23rd place is a No 9, Mitre Plane (LN Shown)

In 24th Place with 2 users a scrub plane (Woodie!). At ALF's suggestion I have included a woodie here - apparently, it's the most economical method of acquiring a scrub plane.

In 25th Place a Low Angle Smoother (2 users) (Veritas Shown)

Right folks you'll have to humour me if you think the numbers are wrong. It was quite haphazard when I collated the results, as only some of the posts specified the model numbers, so some of the planes will no doubt have been incorrectly grouped. Anyway, it's a handy summary hopefully. There is a slight bias towards LN in the pictures as they produce the widest variety of planes, and their pictures were uncluttered (mostly), and easy to find on their website. [Hopefully, at least part remedied after the helpful "nudging" of ALF, who did a quick review before I posted and made some handy suggestions and spotted some typo's and generally helped out with my somewhat lacking knowledge in this area.

PLEASE if you want to add more planes to this list - do it in this thread - I'll update that thread also at some point. Don't add them here!