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Trouble with MicroMesh


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12 Mar 2009
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Kent - the Garden of England
For those of you familiar with the wonderful 3M product...MicroMesh...for polishing anything from wood turning to metal to plastic...you will probably know that it is pretty long lasting.

Eventually...if you're like me...you will use it on brass or steel and muck it up so that it can't really be used again on light wood for fear of imparting dirty marks to the finish.

Well fear no more!

Today I wanted to polish up some turned holly...you can't get much whiter than that...and I had some sheets that I reserved just for light woods which I accidentally used on brass...DOH! :mrgreen:

Being an impatient bu&&er I didn't want to wait to order some fresh stuff so had a bit of a brainwave. Having heard that you could wash it I thought...hell...if you can wash it you can shove it in the washing machine. And it worked! Almost like new...cold acrylic setting...bit of Arial....came out brilliantly clean. Just a quick spin in the tumble drier and it was ready to use.

Unfortunately.....her indoors caught me...boy...am I in trouble! :oops:

So..there are no troubles with this wonderful product...just the missus....

So that's OK then! :mrgreen: :wink: