Triton TRA 001 Router conversion for permanent table fitting

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25 Jun 2016
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Hi all, I thought I would share this for anyone else with the Triton router who wants to fit it in a table full time. I have had this machine for 5 years and I love it but it is a beast. Heavy and powerful but, for me much better suited to table use that as a handheld and indeed it has spent much of it’s life in tables.
The ability to easily adjust the height from the top without buying a separate lift assembly and the way the chuck automatically locks make it well suited to under table use. The problem for me is the on/off switch which is clumsy when under table and fiddly because of the safety interlock cover which needs to be slid open to operate the switch. Also, I’f the cover does not fully spring forward when you switch it off, the safety device prevents the shaft being fully raised to allow the chuck to be locked.
I did a bit of research and I have removed the safety cover from the on off switch. Now as a handheld router this renders it unsafe imho and I most certainly do not recommend it however, for table mounting it makes it ideal for use with a suitable NVR switch in a really safe fashion in fact safer than before because if I need to stop in a hurry I have a big red paddle to hit with my hand or knee.
I bought the NVR from Axminster, I already haveone on my table saw and it’s excellent. I built a box to mount it in with an earthed metal clad socket on the back to plug the Triton in to.
End result is excellent.
If anyone is interested in the details of how to remove the safety cover let me know. It’s totally reversible but a bit fiddly to do. Oh, and if your router is new, it will invalidate the warranty for sure!
The other change I made was that I have replaced the standard chucks with a “Musclechuck” from Woodworker’s Workshop. It makes bit changing a dream with just the use of a hex wrench. Not cheap or essential but a good upgrade. CD4D48C8-1F29-4A69-97E9-F759159CEB3E.jpeg 73E610AF-1CF1-434C-B589-1B3B80B7DC51.jpeg 8B665A2C-6611-4A12-BBC7-B8E8946D3C2C.jpeg C5CE911B-FE55-47AA-815F-B68ECA636BD8.jpeg ACA1C60A-15D7-4165-911B-C89ECDA003A5.jpeg 9BDF59FE-47ED-403C-8A3C-5201BCB31D51.jpeg EE716000-686B-4F6D-BC48-1CF9FCBA2928.jpeg DDB8F274-6C56-4BBB-B931-EB4153EF8F12.jpeg AA46B9C6-89CD-4F93-B5CF-9642C1400481.jpeg 92698A54-5F3E-4750-86A5-1B20BFEDC8E2.jpeg

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