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Trend T11 Router & Kreg Table - Dust Collection


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30 Jun 2016
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Moira, Swadlincote
Hi all,

This is my solution for dust collection with a Trend T11 Router and a Kreg Table. I've used this set-up for over six months and it works brilliantly, hence the reason for the share. If this is what you do already then ignore but for those struggling with the dust collection this is a really good option.

General overview below:
main view.JPG

I have a 2 1/2" extract port fitted to the rear of the Table that I split into two lines, one connected to the Top Fence extraction port, and the next reduced to a 38mm hose that's connected separately to the Router itself.

View of Ductwork arrangement:
Rear view.JPG
Main rear extraction view.JPG

The thing that makes this set-up work so well is by using the Extraction Connector supplied with the Trend T11, this is the clear plastic attachment that fits directly onto the Router base. This is then connected to the 38mm hose that in turn is connected to the main extract port.

View from the underside of the Trend Extraction Connector:
Closeup Trend attachment.JPG

View from the top showing how well this fits around the Collet extension:
Closeup Trend view from top.JPG

View of the Extraction Connector on it's own:
Closeup trend view outside.JPG

I have the main extract port at the rear of the table connected to my CamVac and the extraction is brilliant. I used to have a box built around the Router underneath the table with the extraction connected directly to the box but the new design is a huge improvement, for the following reasons:
1) Better access to the Router itself
2) Better airflow around the Router
3) Dust is not circulated around/through the Router
4) Dust collection via the Fence and especially the Trend Extraction Connector is excellent!

Another small change I've adopted is for the T11 lifting mechanism. When using the Router underneath the table, raising the Collet extension using the Trend supplied socket was awful. To raise the Collet high enough to change cutters meant about 50+ small turns of the thumbwheel. Making changing cutters laborious. But, by removing the factory supplied black thumbwheel and changing it to a 10mm female thread Crank Handle (from eBay) raising and lowering the cutters is a piece of cake. I'd highly recommend this to everyone.

View of the Trend Socket fitted with the Crank Handle (with factory supplied thumbwheel shown removed):
Raiser crank handle.JPG

Hope this is of interest and maybe even helpful to someone.



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27 Nov 2013
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Wythall, near Birmingham
Nice one. A good system and if I ever grt round to getting a Router table, this will be helpful. As it is, I have two routers and have never used either of them due to lack of knowledge. Could be very useful someday.
Looks like you have a very tidy shop there!