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Tormek – Sharpening a Bevel Edge Chisel


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In this guide I’ll be using the Tormek 2005 with the straight edge jig, to sharpen a bevel edge chisel.

Start by sliding the chisel into the jig with the bevel facing down. Making sure the right hand side of the chisel is against the two stops on the jig (where the two arrows are pointing in the picture)

The chisel should protrude from the jig about 2" (50mm)…


Tighten the two knobs on the jig to clamp the chisel in place, making sure it’s applying even pressure on the chisel and that the chisel is still resting against the two stops.

Grab the Pro AngleMaster and set the to the angle you require. I’m setting it at 25°…

With the universal support placed in the vertical sleeves, slide the jig & chisel onto the support.


Resting the back end of the Pro AngleMaster on the stone and the other end on the back of the chisel, set the angle by lifting or lowering the universal support. When the AngleMaster is resting flat on the back of the chisel, the chisel is set to the correct angle.

Lock the universal support in place and you’re ready to start…


Turn the tormek on and start moving the chisel from side to side along the grinding wheel.

Apply gentle pressure near the edge of the chisel and also upwards pressure on the handle. You want to keep the chisel moving at an even rate.


To check if you’re grinding the bevel evenly, after a few passes lift the chisel up away from the stone and either by eye or by using a small square, check to see if the cutting edge is (or close to) 90° to the side of the chisel…

If the edge is too far out, either tighten or loosen one of the knobs on the jig to adjust the clamping pressure on the chisel. When you’re new to the tormek it can be a bit of trial and error process, but you soon learn and can set it correctly the first time.


You can stop grinding when any nicks have been removed and when there’s an even burr on the back edge.

Slide the chisel and jig off the universal support and put them to one side.

Hold the smooth side of the stone grader against the grinding wheel, resting your wrists on the universal support for around 15 seconds..

This converts the grinding wheel form 220 grit to 1000 grit.

Slide the chisel and jig back onto the support and carry on moving the chisel side to side. (You only need to do this for a few seconds) Switch off the grinder, slide the chisel & jig off from the support and move the support to the horizontal base so it’s facing the honing wheel.


I prefer honing chisels freehand, it saves time, especially when you’re sharpening multiple chisels.

Turn the Tormek around so that you can use the honing wheel and remove the chisel from the jig.

Switch the tormek on and apply some honing compound.


Using the universal support as a support for your wrist, you want to hone the bevel and the back of the chisel. This doesn’t take long – about 5 seconds on each side.

There you have it! A razor sharp chisel with a mirror finish – all thanks to the Tormek 2005 grinding system.