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Tool Bargins ?


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Do you know of any good places to buy tool bargins ? My choice is eBayUK, plenty of great bargins to be had, along with a lot of 'stay well away from' cheap rubbish but occassionally you come across some true bargins. http://www.ebay.co.uk



I have used ebay a bit for various things, but it is definitely a case of "caveat emptor", you have to take things on trust. In the last 6 months I've bought
DeWalt 621 Router (used)
Ryobi 601 router (used - bargain)
Woodcraft Router table (used)
Elu ETS3151 table saw
Nutools thicknesser (new)
A0 drawing board (used)
plus other bits & pieces

I have never been disappointed with what I've bought, but it does pay to do your homework first to find out how much the tool costs new etc. Also factor in delivery costs or petrol costs if collecting.

A few months back, I nearly bought an Eumenia radial arm saw (but was outbid). The next week, the same model was on offer at Axminster for less than my bid :oops: Lucky escape.


I think I went for that thicknesser but I got out bid too :D Yeah, watch out for the P&P charges, lots of extra money being made by overcharging on postage costs. When I auction stuff I pay for the postage so there's no argument, the cost is covered in the opening bid. Rolson, Blackspur and others at the lower end of the market sometimes flood the auctions but if you are lucky you can and do pick up some great bargins, always check the sellers feedback rating although that is no guarantee that that seller is honest, many sellers get friends to buy from them and then leave great feedback, trust is the word :wink:


You should also think about what if somthing goes wronge, ebay is in the new whitch mag becouse peaple have not been getting stuff that they have payed for. :x . ebay say they are just a trading platform and offer know help, traders from outside the u.k do not have to trade by our laws.
that said i have never used the site before.
merry xmass one and all


I've traded on eBayUK for over a year. I've bought only from UK sources and never had any problems. If I'm buying I choose Sellers who offer full money back guarantees on all items bought. I offer that choice to my eBay customers but so far no one has returned anything for a refund. If you play fair and give your customers a great service they'll come back again. As with all auctions, be they land or Internet based, you take a chance when buying anything.

Leaving eBay, another online shop I've used is http://www.whdirect.co.uk Warehouse Direct supplies a variety of cheap and top branded tools. They also do a range of cheap and cheerful things in the five for a fiver section. I bought a load of spring clamps in the five for a fiver section and I reckon these clamps are the most used item in my workshop. The difference in quality between spring clamps from Screwfix and WHdirect is big. I bought some 1" spring clamps from Screwfix which snapped when first used, the cheaper ones I bought from WHdirect are still going strong!


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7 Sep 2002
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Yeah i've also tried Ware house Direct. Never ordered from the £1 section - I could spend like £30 on bits and bobs in that section.