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Alan L

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17 Mar 2004
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As this is my first topic, a hello to you all.

After many years of "playing" with wood making units etc around the house I now want to take things a stage further. I have found endless places selling tools of all sorts for all budgets but having trouble finding a good supplier of wood. Most of the local timber yards service the building trade.

I did venture over to SL Hardwoods one day and found them very helpful. They did not have much on show to choose from due to limited space.

I have heard there is also a place Hammersmith.

Being new to this I am not always sure what I am after so like to look and feel and not order blindly.

Any other recommendations?

It would be useful if the place is open Saturday as I work 9 to 5 or the place needs to be around the Heathrow area so I pop out at lunchtime.

Chris Knight

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14 Jan 2004
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SE London - NW Kent

Moss & Co is may be the place you are thinking of http://www.thoughtcat.com/sa4qe/rc2003-moss.htm

I have used them quite a bit in the past but have become a bit cheesed off by their prices - they do supply very good wood tho'

Sooner or later you will get used to driving all over the countryside looking at timber yards and then ordering stuff for delivery from those yards that have what you want at the time when you want it. The sooner you get used to this process the happier you will be with your purchases.

I live in SE London but have frequently travelled a 200 mile radius looking for particular timber.

Bruce Luckhurst runs a course on buying and drying timber that is worth going on