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3 Mar 2005
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I am off work today with an ear infection (sounds pathetic written like that, but it's excruciating!)

I tuned into the new RT Extra channel for the morning WW programes. Started off with a NYW repeat, then a this old house repeat. Both good old programmes which I do not mind watching over and over.

Then we see a programme called 'Boyz N The Wood'. What a strange programme. My first reaction was "What's this builder doing making furniture?" It is 2 guys, one is the first 'Big Brother' winner who has starred in a few of the low budget DIY shows as a builder. The other guy I am not sure who this is. I assume 'guy 2' is a more skilled woodworker who owns the shop they work in. When they set off working (Making a Skittle Toy) it looked as if they were using very basic tools. Not a bad thing, i thought, there is a space for woodworking programmes for beginners with little or no tools. But they raced through making the toy assuming the viewer knew exactly what they were talking about. No mention of safety or best use of the tools they were using. IMHO this was 25mins of wasted air time. They could make much better programmes on the same budget. Especially if they loose the 'Celebrity'. If you want to watch furinture 'put together' then this programme is for you.

After that we saw an ozzy programme called 'Designer DIY'. On the opening credits I thought "this is going to be a really annoying 'Strong Boys'/'Changing Rooms' type rip off". Nope, I was wrong. This programme is excellent! The 'presenter' is an ozzie called Peter Harris. A quick search tells me he is a well known Australian TV DIY man. In the programmme he and his son made 3 beautiful pieces of furniture. Admitidly they do race through the construction of each piece. Allthough they still keep the commentry very informative and inspirational. Also he seemed to be using a range of proffessional to DIY tools. He did not say it, but it seemed this was to show you that this furniture can be made with hand tools or machinery. To cut a long groove to accept a backer he used a biscuit joiner. I'd never seen this done before and assumed he showed this if you didn't have a TS. Also as well as using a large cast iron TS he also had a Triton Workstation! (no, this is not why I am biased to this programme :p ) I'll be tuning in for this again!

So if you are channel changing: Avoid 'Boyz 'n' The Wood' and Watch 'Designer DIY'