The provenance of machines

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17 Jun 2022
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Mid Ceredigion
I noticed this for sale the other day. It's a Multico tenoner. I used to have one with a similar configuration (slide bars set vertically, same table and heads) but with a different base. Mine had a fabricated sheet steel cabinet base with a splayed front, and resting on that was a cast iron frame that held the column & the table bars. The overall geometry was as the one in the photo.


I guess that we're talking the 1950's, and I only suspect that my example was earlier than the one pictured. Or even a prototype?

The design of column & heads would transition onwards without change into the classic Multico tenoner that we're all familiar with. But the table motion seen above was deeply flawed, which was fixed with a complete and successful redesign. There may well be some Multico company archives preserved somewhere, outside of google's reach ...?