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19 Apr 2004
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North Lincolnshire
I had one of these last year, I too thought it was a lot of machine for the money, but................
Excellent cast tables, very good fence. The pull saw action was poor (too much movement & vibration on the cut). Sliding carriage & carrier poor quality. It took me ages to get everything aligned and in some sort of good order (90 & 45 were a real pain), and then the tilt mechanism broke (a 2 part plastic screw thread, don't ask :roll: ). In the end I got my money back.


10 Sep 2004
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tilt mechanism broke (a 2 part plastic screw thread, don't ask Rolling Eyes )

I also bought a TSPP250 last year - but still have it. The swinging arm and sliding table were a pig to set up and the manual was pants, then I had the same problem with the rise and fall - plastic as you say. So it was not a good start, but to be fair to Record they sent out an engineer to fix it on site and the plastic part was replaced with a metal one (they had by then upgraded the design). The engineer also helped set the sliding table and I cannot fault the after sales support.

I woudn't say it was an industrial saw - but then I wouldn't expect it to be at about £800 including the slider. I have found it a good accurate capable saw and more than enough for my needs. I noticed at kempton that they seem to have changed the swinging arm which had a different mounting to mine - but I couldn't say if it is any better or not.