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Table Saw Accessories


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18 Mar 2007
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Sutton Coldfield
A few weeks ago my Elektra Beckum PK200 table saw died and I have now replaced it with an Axminster one. However I'm left with several bits that I no longer need (and don't have the space anyway).
These would obviously suit someone with the same saw or the newer Metabo version of it but might also be useful for someone who has a basic saw and wants to extend it.

So: -

The fittings attach to the saw carcass with through bolts that engage on threaded back plates so there is only the need to drill holes for the bolts. The braces will obviously only work for a specific width.
I've attached a link which describes how these are fixed.Fitting saw base rails
In addition I also have: -

Again the width of the extension table isn't readily adjustable but the sliding table is as can be seen from the underneath.

The completed assembly looks like

All of this is a bit hard to price as you can only get selected pieces from Machine Spare parts companies (very expensive) but you could extend a basic machine using the fittings, base rails and sliding table quite easily even if you saw is a different size.
I was planning to keep the mitre gauge and fence assembly but if that might persuade people for the rest, I'll add it in for an extra £20.
So I'm looking for £80 for the lot - collection from Sutton Coldfield (B75)
I do occasionally visit family near Shrewsbury and so could possibly meet up around there if that helps.
Thanks for looking.