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Surplus hand tools for sale


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Dangermouse 2nd

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8 Jul 2017
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Selling a few surplus items, all in good to excellent condition. Postage to the UK unless otherwise stated is £4.00, but please ask first. These tools came from a Mr, Jago,a Shripwright who worked in Plymouth Royal Dockyard.
1/ Honing stone, a natural very fine stone, flat and in a wonderful mahogany box. 8" x 2" £30 . SOLD
2/ Small hammer with nice grain handle. 11" long, head 4.5" £9
3/ Very very fine natural honing stone, no case, nice pattern in stone. I've flattened this stone , ready to use. Puts a razor edge on any tool. 9" x 2.25" £30 . SOLD.
4/ Medium honing stone in nice mahogany box, flat and ready to use. 7.75" x 2". £20
5/ Stunning medium honing stone, in lovely mahogany case. Looks hardly used.Case, 9.75" x 3" x 2.5". Stone, 8" x 2 1/8" £30
6/ UK Stanley no5 plane, type 4 1970's in mint condition, I've flattened the sole and sides, fettled the frog and the iron is reground and honed to shave with. this plane really sings as it works and takes a see through shaving. £60. SOLD.