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Stoneleigh Show


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Terry Smart

Chestnut Products
8 Jun 2004
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Well folks, this show is very nearly upon us. In fact this is probably the last time I shall look at the forums before departing to set the stand up ready for Friday's opening day.
Okay, more honestly, that should be 'set some of the stand up and finish it just after the show opens'! There's always so much to do!

I'm hoping that a few of you will come and introduce yourselves, and I'd like to suggest that if you want to have a get together why not all turn up at midday (which should cater for the early-arrivals-early-leavers and the late-arrivals-late-leavers) at our stand (we'll do anything to have a crowd!) to get together. We're right by the entrance, near the food if you want to head there afterwards!

Do come and say hello!

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