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Stihl petrol blower kill switch repair


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21 Nov 2014
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Burgess Hill UK
This might be called a how to fix it entry and praise for the SH55.
Ive had this Stihl SH55 petrol engine blower for at least 20 years, very reliable its only used at leafy times of year such as now, maintenance wise only to change the primer bulb and a plug in all that time. However this year a couple of times it didn't switch off - the kill switch didn't!
4 screws to unscrew the side cover, standard small on/off switch push connectors so lifted off (while there a few drops of oil down the throttle cable) noticed when pulling off the connectors aha there was a build up of leafy/moss/grass debris between the two spade end connectors maybe a little damp (so that might have made a circuit) . But before cleaning it off I tested the switch with a meter and failed to get it not to work (its intermittent).
Cleaned off and gave the switch a good squirt or three of contact cleaner spray in a micro hole and down the side of the rocker gave it a good shake and reinstalled. All done fixed for now if it still has issues then its a new switch at only a fiver or so.
Any easy fix so if you have similar issues the above may help.