Stanley 71 Router plane Blades

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12 Jul 2011
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SE London
So I finally got some time spare and set about a much overdue sharpening session with some blunt no 71 blades.
Having diligently read some of the other posts here and briefly considered purchasing new Veritas ones (the LV site in Canada has metric ones, why doesnt Axminster offer them?), decided to go for it and sharpen myself...

Tricky little b***rs, are'nt they.. anyway got some surprisingly good results using the following,
a big slab of granite, some of Mr Matthew's own 3m scary sharp lapping film on said slab of granite, and a coarse diamond 6 x 2 to regrind where needed...

It worked really well, sorry no pics yet but I've some more to have a go at over the weekend and I'll post the results.
That 3m stuff is really good =D> ..

Now I suppose i'll have to go cut some housings just to prove it works!,