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Stanley 400 Vintage Mitre Vice 1970's


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17 Jan 2013
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View attachment 20200301 Vintage Stanley cast iron bench mount corner vice. Made in USA. Fully adjustable and turns 360 degrees and is able to tilt to angles, rotates free. Measures approx. 190mm High x 340mm on both sides. All knobs move smoothly in both directions. Minor surface pitting that does not effect function, its a perfect restoration job.

It belonged to my Mother who in 1969 started a picture framing business, I have kept two and sold many items prior to this, I do not need this one and have already moved my workshop. I know they were bought in 1970 but no idea when they were actually made, its very heavy and a sturdy piece of kit, it could go to use or be part of a collection.

£35.00 Collected
Postage £4.50
View attachment 20200301
View attachment 20200301