Speed control Dewalt DWE6005 trim router


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6 Aug 2012
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I’ve read a few topics about various router model speed control issues but couldn’t find one on this specific model.

I took my fully working (and not that old) Dewalt DWE6005 router apart to fit a festool whip. Carried this out successfully and managed to route cables and get the top back on. It’s quite a tight fit.

When I plugged it in it works fine but only at top speed. The speed control (which worked previous to me opening it up) now has no effect on speed and it runs at top whack regardless.

I’ve checked any magnets on the shaft and all seem fine, bushings are good and I Can’t find any loose or obvious broken wires. I couldn’t find an obvious speed sensor to check alignment.

Does anyone know of anything I may have done or trapped or not reseated correctly to cause this issue?

Not such a problem with a small router but it would be nice to have the speed option in future.

As an aside there is a long thin metal strip with a connector at the top which goes through the upper housing into the lower housing and seems to float around (no specific clips to hold it). It uses a bend in it to hold it steady between the lower housing and the field outer. Does this have anything to do with it. I Could only identify it as a possible earth connection from various diagrams online.

Sorry for the long message, hopefully some of you informative lot can help.