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Spalding Show 2013


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23 Feb 2007
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HI Kathleen Carroll has just put the following on her facebook page HERE

New Gmail address: [email protected]

Please use this address to email me from now on and get in touch.

HI, as you know the show did not go ahead this year due to the fact we could not sell all the stand space.
Which was very disappointing, as there where a number of stand which where sold,

We and Springfield Event Centre had lots of call about the show form the public.

Springfield Event Centre has contact us about about doing a joint venture next year.

Keeping the show in June next year, and we are changing it to a two day show 14th and 15th they have given us two week to get feedback form all to see if it is possible to put the show on.

If the show goes a head there will be a few changes, we will charge entrance fee of £2.00 a head, children free, and stand will be charged electric of £15.00,
We are looking to see if we are able to look at lowering the stand price, this will all depend on discussion with Springfield Event Centre, because of the cost of hiring the hall.

There are willing to give us full back up, putting up road side signs, white boards near shopping centre and advertizing and much more.

Please let me know if you if you think you would like to come to next years show, with in two weeks, so we can give feedback to Springfield ASAP.
If you would like any more information please contact me.

Many Thanks

If you have any comments etc please let her knoe either by posting on this thread or on her facebook page or by email.