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sorce of good quality bandsaw blades.


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11 Apr 2004
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Paignton Devon
Are all bandsaw blades originally produced by just one manufacturer of blades and then brand names applied to the saws?

Or can anyone really recommend one blade suppliers blades being definately superior?

Cutting Crew

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5 Sep 2003
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Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Hi DW,

The material that band saw blades are made from is supplied by a number of different manufacturers, these World wide. The pre sharpened and set blade material are produced in large rolls, these are in turn normally bought in by smaller companies to be cut into lengths and finally converted into bandsaw blades for whatever machine you have.

The material produced for blades is wide and varied as are the products they have to cut, not only wood but meat, fish, other foodstuffs, plastics metals etc all use different types of blade.

I am in the middle of a review on bandsaw blades for the Creative Woodturning web site and have been sent a whole range of blades from different suppliers here in the UK, two companies that have proved very knowledgable about their product is Hamilton Edge Tools and Trucut.

Hamilton Edge - Tel: 01633 838900 - www.hamiltonedge.com
Trucut - Tel: 01989 769371

Both offer blades made of different materials, lots of different sets, numbers of teeth and other variables. I have always found it best to throw away the blade that came with the machine, contact someone like the companies that are listed here on the forum. Explain to them what your intended purpose for the blade is and they should recommend an ideal blade for you.