Sold: Wadkin RB 9" surface planer


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6 Nov 2009
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sunny somerset!
Here for sale is a wadkin planer

The machine was fully refurbished by last owner and worked fantastically! I do not have 3 phase currently so unable to test, but there is no reason why it should not work. Can be very easily hooked up to a converter to run off 240v mains.

This machine is a marvel of engineering every part is adjustable, and solid as a rock. The previous owner added full guarding, Including the orgiginal solid brass blade cover!!! :shock: :shock: which i believe would bring it up to modern spec not including a braked motor...

Has been stored for a while and there is light surface rust in places i have removed the worst and the new owner could polish it to a mirror shine if they wanted or just use as is with no problems what so ever.

Machine is located in Taunton Somerset Uk I can help load here, deliver locally for a small fee or possible deliver between somerset and London at some point in the near future. I can of course put on a pallet if you want to have it collected by a company of your choice. In all instances the beds will be removed for easy of loading but its a 10 minute job to put them back on with one spanner.

Im after £650