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Snare Drum Restoration


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I picked up an old Premiere Snare drum some months ago (I guess it's 1940's/50's :?: ) and have stripped all the fittings off and had a go at the woodworm. Other than that the drum is fairly sound but a little shabby: all the fittings are brass but appear to be either gold painted or plated suggesting it was quite a decent drum in it's day.

Any ideas how I tell if it's paint or gold plate? :?
I could clean the brass and lacquer it so it is Brass/Gold but shiny
I colud leave as is but I don't know if Patena has much bearing on drum value!
I could restore brass to original condition e.g repaint/re-plate - how much this might cost I've no idea as there are lots of very small parts.

Other than that the snare catch is broken so I could do with a replacement

Any Woodworking Drummers out there who can help?? :shock:



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29 Jan 2003
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can you put a picture on. i doubt it is as old as you think as back then they were mostly rope tensioned drums. you must ask is it worth restoring as you can pick up adecent secondhand fully working drum quite cheap especially as bands are forever trading them in. is it off akit of a marching drum. let me know . Jeff :D


Hi Jeff

I'm working on the photo's so I'll put them on as soon as I can. I think my guestimation of the age is fairly close as I believe Gene Krupa was using a Radio King Kit in the early 40's and I think this Premiere Snare is similar in design: the hoops are only double flanged and have small, bass drum like clasps with the tuning lugs, rather than the more modern hoops with holes. I bought it because apart from being tatty it looked a little gem and in need of some TLC: If I hadn't got there first, there was another drummer eager to get his hands on it. :D Oh, It's a standard 14 x 5.5" kit snare - possibly orchestral and with 12 tension rods, again a good sign of quailty.