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My shed is 14' x 8', plus I use the single garage where I have my p/t and store my timber. I also overflow into one side of the greenhouse.
Less than half of a single garage, so about 50 sq ft, no room for more than my lathe, workbench and bandsaw!
18' x 8'-6" single garage (just over 150 sq. ft.), and that has to store the garden tools as well. The car is banished to the drive, though.

I've gone handtools only, so whilst it's by no means roomy, there is just about enough space for workbench, job in hand, and a bit of access all round. I have no idea how I'd get any machinery in and still have room to breathe, except by going double-decker.
Compared to some of the workshops in this thread, I have a palatial 160 sq ft (16' x 10'). That's my wood 'shop, wood store, metal 'shop, general DIY stash and sanctuary from SWMBO
Ok don't laugh, not even you brits. :wink:
I have 2 sheds. One 6' x 6' and the other 6' x 4.5' for a total area of a whopping 63 square ft.
Bl**dy yanks and their "small workshops" they don't know they're born!!!
DTR":z1n0krru said:
Compared to some of the workshops in this thread, I have a palatial 160 sq ft (16' x 10'). That's my wood 'shop, wood store, metal 'shop, general DIY stash and sanctuary from SWMBO

About the same that I've got; single garge integral to house so no cold or damp issues but it also houses my S1 Elise so my woodworking gear has to pack up neatly. Have a bench most of the length of the long wall built over cheap B&Q kitchen units housing my SCMS, my workbench is loosely based on the Ron Paulk Ultimate workbench and only steals about 2 Sq Ft when broken down and stored on end, not quite 8' x 4' but works well as an assembly table as well Still need to resolve tool storage since the horizontal spaces are quickly overwhelmed. Wall hung tool cabinet next I think.
58 sq ft all told, if I count the space occupied by the two cabinets where I store the less used tools (the room is actually about 100 sq ft, but the remaining space can not be used - plenty of bookshelves, etc...). Space available for going about work, including Workmate: 24.5 sq ft. Room available for wood storage: nonexistent for all practical purposes.

So, more of a working corner than a workshop. But I have fun anyway.
I have a "man cave" (shed) 48 square feet and make toys, we tell the grand chidren I am Father Christmas helper
About 37m2 (~370 square feet). My WIPs show the contents. I was a custom build for my 40th birthday, and as I restrict myselfto smaller tools it works out well.
Time to revive an old thread, Mine is a 6' x8' (48' Square feet) Shed.

I've been reading all the posts on this thread and i have to wonder what the people with greater than 400 square feet call small, and i find myself asking if they measure in meters and yards instead of Milimeters and factions of inches.

I think this as 200 square feet is 4 times the size of what i have now.
I'm not sure if it counts as a small workshop by American standards but we've got just a hair over 4000 square feet we'll have another 2000 once the extension goes up. The workshop is never quite large enough.

My own personal home workshop is about 250 square foot though.
I use my garage for cars and my trailer. At one side the space left is 14' at the front and 5' at the back. With a bench and cabinets along the wall. If I have a large project I move the Disco outside.
phil.p is the pot belly permanently in situ or does it move around with like mine :)
Mine was 220 sq ft but is now 900sq ft.
Bit like custards split into 2 rooms. The space is amazing until it's time to warm it up a bit! Fortunately it's got a suspended ceiling as it keeps the heat in.( a bit) I've finally been able to set up my dw746 with 52 inch fence.
We pay £300 a month between 2 makers. Thought it was to cheap to refuse. It's also got an extraction system as well (for water based spraying anyway) and the electrics are safe and newish with 3 phase.

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