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7 Feb 2019
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Chamonix, France
Evening all,

Firstly, hi and thanks for having me. Long time reader, first time poster etc...

I'm refitting my workshop as I'm moving from being a mostly on-site joiner to being a mostly workshop-based furniture maker (at least that's the plan).

The workshop is small (3m x 8m) and I've got most of what I need (jointer, small router table, planner/thicknesses, drill press, band saw etc...) and I'm looking for a small (~2m max total width) panel saw and I've got a nice little mortiser lined up.

I had pretty much settled on the Jet 'JTS 600X-M' as it's powerful and as small as I've seen but then, just as I was about to click buy, I realised that it lacks a mitre slot and I plan to use a lot of jigs. rubbish!

So, is there anything better than the Axminster PS250 that I should be looking at?

Budget of about £2k max but could be arm twisted into spending a little more if the dream machine is out there.

Gonna be lots of ripping, many crosscuts and ideally the sliding arm will be removable for projects where it's not needed (not a deal breaker).

Finally (I know, I want the moon on a stick!) it would, in a perfect world, be available to be delivered to France. I can drive over and collect it if not but then weight becomes an issues as my trailer won't take more than ~300kg.

So.....any thoughts???

Any/all insight, advice and wisdom gratefully received and muchly appreciated!

Cheers in advance, Gairy.