Sliding table rip jig?

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12 Apr 2019
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I have just added a sliding table to my baby table saw, (Axminster craft ac216ts) and it is fabulous - recommend to everyone! However, I want to make a jig to let me rip as well as cross-cut, and hold on to little bits, which I find stressful even with push sticks. In other words, use the sliding table for virtually everything. Some kind of "Fritz and Franz" jig, probably.

However, because my sliding table is an add-on, rather than designed for the saw from the outset, it isn't like the giant things I can find on YouTube, where the sliding table buts up against the saw blade - I have cast iron table to the left the blade, like a normal saw (which it is), and then the sliding table to the left of that that. This makes a standard Fritz and Franz jig a bit tricky.

Has anyone come up with a clever jig for ripping and for holding small items on the sliding table, using such a system? It would save me having to reinvent the wheel if you have already done it. If not, do you have any needs/thoughts I ought to incorporate, when I do reinvent the wheel? YouTube seems to be letting me down (not that it is the font of all wisdom), but I may not know what to search for.

Thank you in anticipation.