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hello everyone, i,m new on here but think the site is great, i,ve just managed to get myself a workshop(its a 12ft by 8ft shed, but to me its heaven)after setling into a new home , any way i,m tempted to buy a SIP compound mitre saw after seeing one on offer for 95quid ,does any one use one or have any feedback on SIP tools? to me it seems quite good for the price and i,ll only be useing it to do small jobs, ie radiator cabinets..pelmets, diy, units etc.. by the way i,ve just got one of those ferm biscuit cutters which i,m quite chuffed with also. any replies will be very welcome : :)



I can't help on the SIP saw (they're pretty new on the market I believe, so there's not many owners around yet) but one tip. From my own experience I found you end up using a mitre saw a lot more than you expect, so it's worth getting one you're really happy with. I don't know how far you can stretch your budget, but one of the budget sliding compound mitre saws would give you even more flexibilty. Worth thinking about maybe. I wish mine was a SCMS; as it is it's not even a compound one! :cry:

Sorry, that's not answering your question at all! A bad habit of mine. :oops: Hopefully someone else has some experience of the SIP.

Cheers, Jester


Cheers Jester,
we have a trade store near to where I live called COSTCO and they seem to sell some prety good kit ,when i say kit i mean that they always stock the good makes in the power tool MAKITA, DEwalt,Bosch,etc so seeing SIP along side the likes of these makes me wonder that they too must be prety happy that the quality is up to scratch.I think i,ll give it a go anyway and buy one tomorrow, i,ll let you know what its like.


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I agree with Jester 100% if your budget can stretch to it get a sliding compound mitre saw, as you can do alot more with it. Most 10 inch saws of this type will cut up to 12 inches (300mm) where an ordinary one only cuts 5 or 6 inches.

I would also advise you to buy one with an induction motor and most of all a brake, because first of all if you are doing alot of different size cuts it will seem like you are waiting age's for the blade to stop before you can reset your cut, and secondly the universal motor's are a great deal louder then the induction one's. Also try and make sure that the saw you buy has a good dust extraction facility, a hold down clamp, and a big fence, as some of them only have a small fence which can be unstable.

I realise that this will probably cost more then you would like to spend, but you will not regret it, because as Jester also says you will use it a hell of alot more then you think.

I hope this helps.

Good luck


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