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Shoe Rack Version 3


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Andy Kev.

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20 Aug 2013
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Here's a pic of my third go at a shoe rack:

Shoe Rac V3.jpeg

The frame is of European cherry and the top of European walnut. This is the first time I've used metal in a project: the 6 mm hollow aluminium tube in the individual racks. I'm glad I've done it because now I know that I don't particularly like it and I think narrow battens of darker wood would have looked better. The only other differences to Version 2 are that the feet taper in to the middle as well as down to the front and I put curves on the ends of the individual racks and on the ends of the feet.

If my walnut boards had been a bit wider, I would have loved to have put a gentle curve on the front edge. The wood looks much warmer and ruddier - which I think is quite pleasant - than it does in the phot.
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