Sharpening router cutters-- a review

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doctor Bob

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22 Jun 2011
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I recently received a router cutter from Phillip Sewell, asking me to try out one of his re sharpened cutters.

I think Philip is interested to see how they compare to a commercial sharpener I use on a weekly basis.

Firstly, I only usually get straight cutters or simple profiles sharpened the rest I bin as they tend to lose their shape a bit. So on receiving the cutter the first thing I did was measure it to see how much material has been removed.
The cutter was a straight 2 flute, 1/2", 9.5mm from wealden, my measurement with a vernier was 9.41mm so 0.09 removed, pretty good I think.


Used it in a festool 1/2" router with a 30mm bush guide running around a template to do some 1/2 arches.

The cut was perfect, like new.


On a like for like basis with the pro sharpeners, its the same in my opinion.

I suspect the difference for people on here will be that Philip will be more accomodating to doing just the odd cutter, turn around will be quicker, the personal touch, hopefully a bit like tuff saws and cutting solutions who provide excellent service to the members on the forum.

I'm not here to promote Philip, that's his job, I'm just giving an opinion. I do hope some of you will give him a go. I wish him the best of luck.

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