Selling a business idea I started

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11 Mar 2009
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Ok. It isn't quite woodworking but sometime ago I spent a great deal of time and expense in creating a process for making concrete clocks and concrete lamps. But my day job is software programming and I have never been one for sales & marketing so although I can create stuff, getting out and selling it is not my area of expertise.

Now I have decided that I need to declutter my life and garage and I would like to try and sell everything I have accrued as a job lot, but I don't know the best place. Basically, it is a full setup that would enable someone to go home and start churning the clocks out.

Just for reference I sold 3 for £125 each and was accepted by Not on the High St, but was too lazy to get studio photos of the products so they cancelled my application.

Anyone have any ideas?