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28 Aug 2016
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I don’t like the fact that the outfeed table is fixed. Changing blades is a real hassle. After buying a 4 sider the CP is only used for wide boards. In my opinion there are a lot better machines out there, but if u get it at a bargain price then it’s worthwhile.

Bob, don't know if this is any help or not but I converted my Sedgwick MB to the ESTA knife system and now changing blades is really quick as they are self setting. I guess with the CP not having an adjustable outfeed they will either work or not, might be worth asking the question :dunno: (sorry if teaching granny to suck eggs).

I have never had a planer with a fixed outfeed table, it does sound a bad idea. Might be just me who does it but as the blades get blunt the outfeed table gets wound down to accommodate, maybe I should just change my blades more often 🤔