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20 Feb 2011
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Camberley, Surrey
I thought I'd show this one as it's something a bit different for me, I bought a wine cooler for a friend as a Christmas Gift but when it arrived another friend thought it would be great if I could encase it in wood (first mistake). What a great idea says I foolishly and set off to find a bit of wood big enough, I quickly realised that there was no way I was going to find a dry blank large enough for the job so decided to have a go at turning some Ply. My thought process was sound(I thought) in as much as I didn't fancy hollowing through 9-10 layers of ply so decided to turn a hole in the squares prior to gluing and then just finish it off on the lathe to the final dimensions. I decided to put solid wood on the top and bottom as a contrast and set about turning. It all went well to start with and I formed the outside profile between centers and then mounted it on the chuck in a recess to finish the hollowing..............this is when things started to go wrong. Even with minimal hollowing to finish either my tools or more likely my technique let me down as a large mass of ply came flying off the lathe bouncing off the wall behind me. So back to the drawing board, this time I made sure that the hole was the correct size for the insert so no hollowing required, I also increased the size of the recess for security and managed to complete it without any drama's. The ply is good quality and had very few voids in it and it's finished with 5 coats of melamine and buffed (soft wheel only) using the chestnut system. Overall sizes are 9"x7".

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Nice result Steve.I`m sure the recipient will be impressed!
I turned something very similar not so long ago for holding kitchen utensils. Turning ply soon knocks the edge off your tools, I found, but at least you get plenty of sharpening practice :lol:

Steve that's really nice I just wish I could get my lathe up and running so I could try one myself!!

Well done mate =D>

Thanks for your comments, DUNK_WALES I can understand your question about the end grain but it did turn out smooth, the wood I used top and bottom was a couple of off cuts I had lying around and I don't think the photo is the best in regards to showing the result.

New Years resolution - learn to take better pictures.


I must say, I really really like that, would never have thought of turning plywood

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