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Scheppach TS2000 adjust


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19 Jul 2020
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Hi everyone. This is my first post re. New table saw. I got this for a great price and very happy with it. Now the fence lines up with the blade but neither with the mitre slots. I’m loathed to start fix what ain’t broke but the more I use it the more I’m needing to use the slots. Can anyone help with where/how to adjust the Blade or table top to square with the slots? I presume there must be bolts to adjust. Many thanks in advance


Iroko loco!
18 Nov 2012
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Hello there Matt and welcome to the forum
I just posted this recently so will just copy and paste what I think are some of the best free video's on tablesaws I have found, here you go...

Kelly Mehler
It is an American publication so beware that many of that stuff won't be advisable here, like pushsticks not being far enough away from the blade for example.
but he goes through setup, although strangely is OK with the end of the fence being a hair closer to the blade which is rather odd frowned upon and problematic :?
Its an oldie, so maybe a retake wasn't possible that day due to battery technology or whatever.

Another one worth watching on youtube is from Gwinnett workers, the oldest one is better.
The archived threads on here are also some necessary reading if you plan to be safe on the TS, especially after watching ANY American publication.
I'm sure you would find it if you can't then some keywords like push sticks :) or complacency.
You can't have too much knowledge if your planning to use the saw much.

All the best