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Scheppach-Tormek ??


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6 Jul 2011
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Newcastle, Co Down
Hi everyone,..A friend paid me A visit recently when I was in the process of sharpening some chisels on A DMT stone. He told me he had A great machine for sharpening that he bought 15 or more years ago that he no longer uses much any more as most of his work is now in metal not wood,he said he would drop it up and should he ever need it again he could come up and use it at my place,"sure I said" thinking it would be some cheapo device that was no good !.....A few days later he arrived with the machine,much to my surprise what he produced was what looked like A Tormek however when I looked at the badge it said 'SCHEPPACH TORMEK-super grind'. It def' seems to be A Tormek,it has A Tormek wheel and leather strop wheel and is identical to the older Tormek models.I have seen the cheap copies that Scheppach are selling now and this is not one. The thing is I've never heard of Tormek being made by Scheppach or being sold by Scheppach .Has anyone seen one of these before? Phil. :?:


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15 Oct 2010
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Well I cannot comment on your machine but for information I replaced my Tormek which needed a new stome with a Sheppach Tiger basically on price grounds.

Personally I find that the sheppach gives just as good an edge as the Tormek and personally if I was asked to recommend one over the other the Sheppach would get my vote.

Ok its not as well made as the Tormek but the bottom line is it gives as keener edge at a fraction of the cost - gets my vote anyway.