Scheppach HMC 3200 CI? Combi verses solo machines

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22 Nov 2002
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Heiloo The Netherlands
Well I'm unlucky and then lucky all in one day,

A motor mount on my Scheppach HMS 3200 broke forcing the cutter head into the table and once the smoke, noise and shock had dissipated the machine was a goner!!!! Table bent 5cm upwards, cutter head in 3 pieces wiring ripped out and shorted!!!! :shock:

That happened yesterday and now the supplier has agreed to replace the machine with a new one (Funny, I'm a brit but I think he thought i was an American and hence might sue him, so he even offered me a free upgrade to the CI version with the great new Cast Iron tables.) :D

Mind you he was shocked as much as I was at the mess of the machine. And how I was not injured

Now I have been using a slot mortiser on a lot recently and I'm a real convert. So my question is if I go for a HMC (the combi version with interchangable functions) instead of a HMS, then I could buy a mortising attachment (and also a shaper later should I need one). Is the build quality/planing quality of the combi machine the same as the solo machine?

The deal I've struck if I buy the mortiser from them they'll give me the CI combimachine at no cost to replace the bent non CI solo. I have been delighted with my HMS 3200 over the last 11 months so see no need to change despite such a catastrophic failure, and the prospect of more cast iron in the shop is a delight to behold! Just want to check the combi system has no limtations