Scam email purporting to be from the TV Licensinng Body.

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10 Mar 2007
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West Muddylands
Hi Folks,
I had an email yesterday telling me that the TV Licensing Body had been unable to take payment from my bank. As I have never paid for a TV licence by Direct Debit, it was simple enough to work out this was a scam. I am well over 75 years anyhow, and don't pay a licence ; For the time being that is! The email is not particularly professional either, but just in case there are forum members who might pay their TV licence by DD, I felt it worth giving out a 'heads-up'.
Hope this helps.

BTW, I do know that I don't need a licence if I never watch live TV; which I don't. I have had my TV aerial removed from the roof and the cable is blanked off in the house, just in case they present themselves with a warrant to search. :roll: Which is the only way they will get into my home.

John (hammer)

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