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Scaffold pole table legs? Any experience


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14 Mar 2013
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A few years ago I did a dinning table using scaffold poles. the table was only going to be used occasionally and so would not be left in situ. Eventually I came up with a design that had 2 triangular topped 3 legged pedestal couch end/side tables onto which the dining table top could be placed being locked into position by the triangle side tops fitting in housings on the under side, with the apex pointing into the middle.
The side tables had a scaffold tube pedestal and a hex shaped boss at the bottom into which I fitted 3 scaffold legs. The hole for the legs was made using a deep hole-saw using a pre-made guide to give me the angle I wanted. In order to get a good fit for the scaffoled tube when inserted I set the hole-saw teeth to match the thickness of the tube. It did take a while to do the boss but once done I drilled through the boss and tube and then secured on final fitting with epoxy and with a screw that was covered by a plug.
The feet were made of the same wood as the tops and made large than the tube and basically hammered in as though making a dowel. Then they were shaped with a rasp and sanded and then marked off and cut to get the pedestal level and perpendicular. The table top was hinged in the middle so as to fold away for storage when not needed and had a long bar that was fitted into mortices on the inside of the apron to prevent sagging. The feet of the table when all assembled had 2 pointing outwards and 1 straight to the middle at each end.