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Saw stands


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Phil Pascoe

Established Member
29 Jan 2012
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Shaft City, Mid Cornish Desert
Another thing I may well do is to shorten the studs in the knobs - they are a little longer than they need be and will make their getting snagged in things more likely. It's a job for dreckly.

If your saw has four holes in a rectangle you won't need the the two straps, mine has holes on a triangle - one only at the back - so the straps bolt between the mounting bars. It's not 100% clear from the diagrams.
The pull out bars are quite sticky and benefit from being cleaned off.

Doug B

Shy Tot
6 Aug 2008
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I had the Axminster folding saw stand years ago & agree with @Gordon Tarling it was really heavy, I found it bulky & awkward to store as to minimise the space it took up I stood it on it’s end which meant on the roller, so if it got knocked it would scoot off on it’s own.

Also the outfeed rollers weren’t far enough away from the saw for long lengths like skirting & I ended up still having to have extra supports, in the end I gave it away & just use the chopsaw on a couple of folding trestles & a board as the trestles come in for multiple other uses & are a lot easier to store.

The other pita was having the two brackets permanently bolted to the base of the saw when I wasn’t using the saw on the stand.


just can't decide
24 Jul 2020
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Vamos, Crete, GREECE.......
I have the 305mm sliding chop saw by DeWalt.....
would neever pay th £240 for their stand...
but will buy the Lidil one on a whim.....
if it's no good can use it with a bench drill as always drilling long lumps of metal.....
lets just hope it here....not everything u get in the UK is available here.....
still waiting for the CUT 50 plasma cutter......oh well.....