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Hello to All
I am new to the woodworking fraternity and would like to take this up as a hobby.
Please could someone advise on a good reliable acurate Bench Saw and planer / thickneser , and on how much i should pay.
I have been looking on Ebay and have seen some Bench saws that look Ok , one was an SIP 10" 3HP Table Saw for £425.00.
One was a Fox F36 10" Table Saw , i think it went for £450.00.
My first project is to saw some old Mahogany 3/4" thick boards that i have aquired , and T&G them to make floor boards to lay over an existing timber floor , about 16 Square yards of it.

I would be grateful for any advice.


John :)


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14 Feb 2005
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Suffolk, UK
Hello Caldyman

There are many topics on this forum concerning your subjects, and as I have found, a good source of advice.

You may find some bargins on ebay, I buy from there ocassionally, but please beware when buying items like tablesaws and planners. Many ebay sellers do not take returns, and as you will find when scanning these pages, not all tablesaws or planners are 'fit for purpose'. Both tablesaws and planners are only as good as the accuracy to which you can set them up and of course, the ease and repeatability that this can be accomplished in use.

Good luck with your new hobby.


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17 Sep 2002
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Hi caldyman, welcome to the forum!

caldyman":2mc0u0dp said:
.....someone advise on a good reliable acurate Bench Saw and planer / thickneser , and on how much i should pay.....
I reckon that there are two ways of going about this. Either buy a new lightweight (hobby) machine, or a secondhand trade machine (which may or may not need to be converted to single-phase from 3-phase). If you've little or no experience of woodworking machinery I'd suggest buying new and asking for real world experiences of machinery from members here rather than buying second-hand. I'd also suggest trying to get a look at other peoples kit and maybe trying out stuff for yourself, if at all possible. I find that using a piece of machinery helps me judge how good or bad it is.

My feeling is that for floors the planer/thicknesser is the more important of the machines to get (together with a couple of roller support stands) as you could achieve all of your sawing with a hand circular saw on a project such as this. I'll strongly recommend that you get hold of a dust extractor if you are working mahogany - dust from mahogany is fine and can cause respiratory problems if you don't take precautions - and you only get one set of lungs!

As you are in Liverpool I'd also suggest a trip to Taylor Brother, who have moved to Carlyle Street off Parliament Street near Queens Dock (for many years they were on Prescott Street? just up from the old Co-op and Woollies). You might also like to contact Carl O'Meara at J & C O'Meara Ltd out in Burscough - he's a woodworking machinery dealer now doing a range of hobby/DIY machinery as well as the big industrial stuff. As a woodworking machinery engineer he knows his onions.

Good hunting


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