Safety & Help Info. & Notes for New Turners 30/11/18


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Links to Postings & Notes on Safety & General Assistance for Newbie’s

Safety & Health:

1. Rotating objects and the use of woven materials.

2. The Why and How of Toxic Reactions to Wood roombacurious

3. Wood Hazard Information links.

4. Wood Ident. & Description Terms

5. Dust Control in the Wood Shop, A Guide for Beginners:

6. The Bowl that bit back johnny's mishap & referenced Canadian Tragedy 15-07-09

7. and death of Joan Kelly May, 2011

8. Turning Speed Guide PDF.

9. Some notes on Selling Items with Electrical Content Research by JTP

10. Small Parts Test for young Children---Toy Industries of Europe (search 'Small ball-shaped toys and other small parts' )
Local Copy in JPG format-----Link to original thread

All are Welcome:

1. Don’t be shy of posting pictures of your work, see the wisdom of Jenx.

2. Picture Posting Guide

How to Pointers:

1. Woodturning:-A-Foundation-Course, Keith Rowley
Considered by many as the Wood Turning Bible, Best book for New Starters.

2. Understanding Woodturning Catches by Richard Raffan (Video hosted on finewoodworking.com)

3.Some comments on storing Green Wood

4. Bowls on a Budget, one method if you don't have a chuck link to Bob Chapman's site.

5. Bowls without a Chuck A Pictorial Article by Bob Hamilton(bobham)

6. Forum thread with Some Notes on Buffing Mop use and

7. KimG's treatise on buffing coloured pieces & video link.

8. Chestnut Products Compatibility Charta compatibility guide on finishing product application.

Basic Turning Tool Angle Aids:

1. Thread Link

Lathe, Chuck Threads, Tool Post info and Taper references:

1. Morse Taper Cone dimensions PDF

2. Morse, Jacobs, Brown & Sharp and Jarno Tapers

3.Lathe thread information (Axminster)

4. Lathe thread information (Peter Child)

5. Forum Listing of Tool Post sizes.

6. Forum Listing of Axminster Chuck Accessory jaw sizes

Basic Turning Tool List, members preferences:

1. Thread Link

Wood Sources: and notes on wood behaviour.

1. UKW Local Suppliers Listing

3. Why does my wood move when I cut it ? Reaction wood information from Sgian Dubh