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9 Aug 2004
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Nantwich Cheshire
I have had a request for information on how to improve the table and fence this is my reply hope its useful.
The alloy table reinforcement ribs are cut away adj. to the main frame to clear pivots etc the table can bend here, after straightening I fitted a wood strut from under front of table to main body as the overhang is greater at the front and you tend to drop down the job just here.
The joint from the main table to the extension is poorly fitted and the bolts on the fishplates are to long ,thick washers and careful assembly (try clamping table to straight timber) sort this with some careful fileing to smooth the running of the fence .After all this the table trys to droop so as my machine is on wood platform with castors I fitted struts from this to under table to keep all in line.
The fence runs best if the red knobs are loose at the far end of the fence.
The height adj wheel needed a extra nut when it loosened.



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