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As I read it, Trend say that it's necessary (or at least preferable) to use one of their sub-bases e.g. the 'Unibase' to insure that the cutter is exactly concentric with the guide bush on *other* makes of router; their routers, apparently, can locate the bush concentrically without help from a sub-base. Have I got that right? Will I need one of these sub-bases to go with a Freud FT2000VCE - which, at this point, is the router I'm looking at buying; this is for cutting a worktop mitre with (probably) a Trend jig, btw.

Are there any obvious deficiencies in the Freud FT2000VCE - apart from being a bit of a monster for a novice to handle? Can't see anything better at that price.



Sorry, this should be in "buying Advice"


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The Unibase does indeed ensure concentricity to the guide bush.
You attach a specific sized bush to the base and loosely attach the base. It comes with a dowel of plastic that fits snuggly into this bush. You chuck the dowel into the collet, plunge it through the bush and then tighten the unibase in place. Voila! Concentricity!
The unibase isn't particularly expensive and it does open the door to using all of Trend's bushes and accessories. Trend aren't the cheapest but their range accomodates most of my needs and my local store gets their stuff next day, so it suits me well.
Otherwise - does the Freud router come with guide bushes, or are they available?
I know nothing about the router itself, but it's the right kind of spec for kitchen worktops.


Hi Square

My tip for ensuring perfect concentricity between the cutter and guide is one i used on my first router quite a few years ago.
I nipped to my local machine shop (very helpful people engineers) and asked them to turn a stepped piece of steel for each guide bush I owned. One end was turned to either 1/4" or 1/2" and the other a nice 'snug' fit inside the guidebush.

Lock the steel in the collet and then bolt the guide bush onto the router after sliding it onto the alignment tool.

Voila PERFECT alignment every time :shock:

Cost of this work was wery small, about £10 for 3 different sizes which I guess is a huge saving on the Trend?

Blutack in photo is to hold guide and alignment tool together when not in use. The guide bush in the picture was made by same firm as I couldn't get the right size.




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