Router Jigs FOR SALE - Leigh D-4 and Woodrat

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17 Sep 2002
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I have for sale a pair of dovetail jigs, both unused:-

Item 1:

Woodrat dovetail jig (full-size), complete with Plunge Bar for Elu MOF177/deWalt 625/Trend T11, a number of Woodrat cutters (the largest 5 or so sizes of dovetail), orange parallelogram, manual, video, etc. Set-up but never used

Asking circa £345 or offer

Item 2:

Leigh D-4 24in dovetail jig (metric scale) with cam cramps, full set of Leigh cutters straight and dovetail in 8mm and 1/2in shank, guide bushes for Porter-Cable style router, guide bushes for Elu router, crosscut bar, manual, etc.

Asking circa £240 or offer

Both these were property of a relative and neither has ever been used. I shall post a full listing of the cutters with each jig when I unwrap all the oither stuff that's with them. Prices quoted include shipping. There is nothing wrong with them, it's just that I have no use for them. They were purchased and set-up but neither appears to have ever been used. Digital camera currently kaput but will post pics as soon as I get it back (hopefully tomorrow)

Before anyone asks, I have asked the Mods permission to post this.

If interested, please PM me

*** NOTE: My thanks to those who responded both items have now found new homes ***



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19 Oct 2002
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Sudbury, Suffolk
What a bummer they have both gone, thats what comes of only getting to the forum after work. :x

But I am glad they will be used as other forum members have bought them. \:D/