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For Sale Rosewood For Sale


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11 May 2014
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More Rosewood For Sale- ( thought to be Indian but as there are over 200 species - I am labelling it just "rosewood")

Size - 770 x 40 x 25mm

I have had this Rosewood for over 30 years. Kept in dry storage
The quality of it is beautiful.
I have planned it on one side so you can see the figure and choose which piece you would like .

Please let me know which piece you require once paid. Price is £35 per piece. Having sent a good few out last week I can now tell you the price of postage and packing- For 1 piece £8 and for 2-3 pieces £11.00 Or if you are local you can pick up. ( Liverpool) Paypal or Bank transfer is fine. I also have lots of Mahogany for sale- see other listings - rough sawn and reclaimed - again had this for over 25 years in dry storage.


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