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Richard Arnold's Macmillan fund raiser 2020


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24 Jul 2007
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Plenty of folk on here will know Richard Arnold and be aware of the fundraising events he has run for the last few years. These started small - a bring and buy tool sale at his workshop - but soon became better known as a great way to meet other woodworkers, have a great day out, and support a cause which is important to so many of us, regardless of what other problems there are in the world.
This year's event, which would have been the sixth, was scheduled to happen on the 6th June. Jim Hendrix was running the on-line auction and had posted pictures of 30 lots so far, in what promised to be the best selection of fine tools yet.
The information is all on Facebook. It's visible to non-Facebook users using a PC. (A mobile will probably hide the screen behind attempts to get you to join Facebook.)

https://www.facebook.com/groups/Unplugg ... 709037749/

The position now is that not only is the event itself off, the online auction is postponed too. With so many people's incomes taking a big dip, it would not have made sense to see valuable lots attract only low bids.

However, that's not the end of the story. Jim has been building a replica of a beautiful, rare stair saw, owned by Bristol tool collector, Ted Cole. Anyone who knows Jim's work will immediately realise that it promises to be something unique and really special. (If I add that he has digressed into building a replica Holtzapffel lathe in order to make some special brass screws, I think you will start to see the amount of effort already put in.)

The saw, which is nearing completion, will be the 'raffle prize' for one lucky person who has made a donation to Macmillan Cancer Support through Richard's Just Giving page, which remains open and can be found here:


This year it's really important that charities don't see their income from fundraising events just disappear. If you can make a donation, for whatever amount, please support this cause.