Replacing abrasive on sanding drum rollers

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Old Chippy

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29 Mar 2022
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Hi all. Years ago I purchased a sanding drum set from Axminster power tools. They came in a wooden box. Now many years later I have decided to use them again. These rollers either fit onto a pillar drill or hand drill. There is an oval tube in the centre of the roller that grips and tightens the abrasive using an L shaped key. I am unable to get both ends of strip of abrasive to enter the slot in the drum, before pushing in the oval tube that grips it. I am hampered quite a bit by a recovering dislocated shoulder injury. Is there an easy way to do this. I will just add that I have never replaced the abrasive before as I only used what was already on the rollers. I purchased the set in 2005 and had not used them since.