record power wd200 sharpening system could do with advice please

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29 Sep 2021
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north yorkshire
hi folks i just waited months to receive my new sharpening system by record power for xmas but im really struggling to sharpen my tools i purchased the woodturners set and basicilly keep making different angles on tools and several bevels .
firstly i set the machine up filled with water until wont take anymore , then made sure stone is true which is as new . then install the bowl gouge jig to rail and also installed the tool to the jig with 2" sticking out the end .
then i set my angle to 40degrees and adjust bar and jig arm until the flat part is flush with inside of tool then grind but keeps making different angle everything is tightened up ok are these systems poor or is it just me .
i also tryed my roughing gouge and thats the same even though i roll this its not getting a nice edge its several bevels and wrong angle ive whatched youtube back to back for days but just not getting anywhere now please advise thanks ste

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