Record Power Support give EXCELLENT SERVICE on Coronet Herald with problems.

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4 Apr 2020
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I've had my Coronet Herald about 21 months and been a sterling lathe.
Then the lathe developed a screeching sound.
Motor run fine with belt off, but screeched after a few seconds.
So could be a bearing issue, so took a video of it, contacted RP and then...

I contacted Record Power, who asked if I would remove the motor but leave controller attached for ease of removal, box up best as I could. They arranged a courier to collect it next day, free of charge, which happened by 10am next day as promised.

Their communication throughout has been exemplary, quick, courteous and helpful.
I received a new motor and controller, with new belt and mounting hardware within a week. Remounted it and all is quiet again.

I was extremely impressed with their technical support team and their entire help in resolving my problem without fuss and speedily too.

So in short, yes their 5 year warranty works, and such a surprise to find a company that actually cares and supports their customers.
So a big shout out to Andrew.S and his technical support team at Record Power for excellent service.