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Record Power excellent service


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Bob Chapman

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23 Apr 2007
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West Yorkshire
I bought a RP DML320 woodturning lathe at the weekend, not new but a very good price. It needed the bearings replacing and the vendor had obtained a new electronic control box under warranty but never fitted it. The speed readout didn't work although the speed could still be varied. I've never had a lathe with a speed display and, in truth, never needed one. I've always said at demos that there are only three speeds on a lathe - 'too fast', 'too slow' and 'about right'. I try to use 'about right', which I judge from how the work is cutting.

However, I'm a bit OCD about some things - if the lathe has a speed display I want it to work even if I don't need it!

I asked RP if the two years warranty left transferred to me - no such luck but Richard at RP said he'd send me the bearings anyway as a goodwill gesture and he emailed me full instructions on how to change the control box. I'm OK changing bearings but the electronics bit is beyond me. The instructions were invaluable and I couldn't have done it without them.
Thanks very much to Richard H at Record Power for excellent service.


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6 Jun 2018
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I purchased a RP lathe back in 2017, which has been excellent in use.

One of the small additional tools went missing, most likely it fell on the floor and I swept it up…doh.
Anyway, I contacted RP to purchase a replacement, and pleasantly surprised that before I could enquire to cost, I was told it would be sent no cost. Ok, was just a small thing so likely little cost, however an appreciated gesture.

RP’s approach to customer service I have found over the years to be of the old school type, always able to contact them on the phone, speak to someone with real knowledge, be it sales or technical, and they are keen to help with advice and / or solutions, excellent all round.

This after sales experience has been key part of my decision to purchase two more RP machines, the build quality and price are main consideration but, also my confidence that if I ever need any after sales assistance in the future, RP will do their level best to genuinely help.

Am not so sure other manufacturers take the same approach, but it serves RP well, reputation is key in this market.
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Boris D Bus

31 Oct 2014
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East Sussex
They were very helpful when the NVR switch on my 350 bandsaw started to play up on the second day of ownership, they sent out a replacement straight away and made it very clear that if I needed help fitting it they’d talk me though it. As for my 12 year old RP lathe and dust extractor, they’re still going strong. I’d certainly have no issue in recommending this company.